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Posted on March 11, 2015

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The Price is Right Live at the Coronado

Posted on March 2, 2015

The Price is Right Live at the Coronado

Rockford (WIFR) — One of America’s most popular game shows made its first ever stop in Rockford making the price is right for everyone that showed up.

Three iconic words we’ve all hoped to hear our name connected to. Andy Martello is the lucky guy who goes around the country saying come on down for The Price is Right Live, but today is special for the Marengo native.

“For me this is homecoming. It’s magic. It’s a great day. I’ve been looking forward to this since they told me about it,” says Martello.

Martello says it’s an honor to make an impact on people’s lives.

 “There are no more iconic words in television than come on down and when you’re the guy that says that every single day, every single show, they come up to me after words and say I’ve waited my whole life to hear my name and come on down.”

Inside of the Coronado thousands watched as more than a dozen contestants played some of our favorite games like Pick Any Number and Cliffhanger’s which a lucky player won. Prizes were anything from cold hard cash, to a trip to Vegas.

Earlier in the day hundreds of people lined up outside of the Coronado Theatre in Downtown Rockford registering to get on the show. David Stukenberg stood in line for an hour.

“We’ve often dreamed about even going out and watching it. So, it’s a real treat for them to come to Rockford like this,” says Stukenberg.

The Price is Right Live has been touring the country for more than 10 years with host Todd Newton, but this is its first stop in Rockford.

“We could be in Chicago. We could be in Rockford. We could be in St. Louis. We could be in Joplin, Missouri. It doesn’t make any difference. We just want to come out and do what we do and make the experience as memorable for people as possible,” says Newton.

Meanwhile, Stukenberg says whether or not he makes it to the showcase showdown, the show left a lasting impression.

“It’s a good community builder. Everybody is excited and hopefully they’ll do it again someday.”

Tonight’s show was the last stop of the tour for The Price is Right Live, which sold out almost immediately, bringing in almost twenty five hundred people.

The Price was Every Bit of Right at the Star Plaza Theatre

Posted on March 2, 2015

The Price Is Right Live show came (on down) to the Star Plaza Theatre Friday night for an evening of nostalgia fulfilling, and new memory creating, fun.

The show was hosted by longtime Nickelodeon game show host, and now Food Network star and Restaurant Impossible Executive Producer, Marc Summers.

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Summers was as entertaining and enthusiastic as ever with the energetic crowd, and brought a personal touch to the show that only a longtime professional in the game show industry could.

Hopeful contestants lined up hours before the show to register to become a contestant. Many were decked out in the neon, handmade catchphrase shirts we have all seen and come to love from the show over the years. And when the lucky few names were called to “come on down”, they came roaring down the aisle with all the enthusiasm you would see at the actual show.

The live show was a perfect mix of homage to the campy, kitschy, 70’s atmosphere that has become a cultural icon over the past half-a-decade, while still adding its own unique attitude to the performance.

Attendees were treated to a “Greatest Hits” of Price Is Right classic games; including the ever-popular “Plinko” and cult favorite “Cliffhanger”.

In addition to the classic games were also the inclusions of the “Big Wheel” and “Showcase Showdown”, where contestants try to correctly guess the price on a number of different, and expensive prizes, in order to win them all.

On this particular night, though, the two contestants both overbid on the showcase.

But in addition to seeing all the classic games and sets we see on TV, there were two things that really made the Price Is Right Live standout. First, just how much effort the Price Is Right Live show puts into trying to incorporate as many people in the audience into the show as they possibly can. Even audience members who weren’t called to compete were randomly given prizes throughout the entire evening, and the staff made a concerted effort to make sure everyone felt like they were part of the action.

This is a testament to the Price Is Right as much as it is to the live show itself, just how fanatical the audience really was at the show, and how varying the ages of the attendees were. It goes to show just how much the Price Is Right means to American culture. And for those wondering if the live show can truly do it justice? It certainly, certainly does.


‘Price is Right’ fans brave weather, roads for Paducah show

Posted on February 27, 2015

It’s not the destination but the journey, as the old saying goes.

Well, both were pretty darned interesting Friday, when I traveled to Paducah to attend “The Price is Right Live.”

And, let me say that neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow or a mixture of all of the above at the same time can kept fans from coming on down for fun and excitement.

You might ask why someone would drive through an ice storm, stand in line for hours and fight through a crowd of loud, excitable people. To play Plinko, of course.

Plinko is my favorite game, where you can win $50,000 on “The Price is Right” television show. The amount was pared down to $2,500 for the stage version of the show, which doesn’t feature Drew Carey and is not televised.

But, you would never know it was not the real thing by the throng of people who filled The Carson Center. Most of the crowd arrived three hours before the show, and that’s when the party started.

Many of The Price is Righters continued the tradition of making special T-shirts for the show, featuring every color of the rainbow and then some.

My group of nine wore neon green T-Shirts proclaiming “Price is Right or Bust.” All of us — except the lone male in the group — sported neon-green nail polish. My mother’s shirt was a little different: “I’m 80, and I want to go on down before I go on up,” it read.

A woman wore a bright orange shirt saying “Pick Him.” The man standing beside her had the same orange shirt but his shirt simply said “Him.” A man’s blinding yellow shirt read, “Pick The Wife.” The woman with him had the same color shirt with the words, “I’m The Wife”

The host of the show, Pat Finn, probably best known as the host of “The Joker’s Wild,” not only warmed the crowd up but mingled with audience members, shaking hands, getting hugs and, of course, posing for selfies.

People screamed, people yelled, people went crazy waving their arms and jumping up and down, and that was before anyone’s name was called to come up on stage.

Once people were selected to play the actual games, contestants went into another gear as far as yelling, jumping and arm-waving is concerned.

There were contestants from Anna, Metropolis, Vienna, Missouri and Tennessee, and, of course, Kentucky. Several people traveled to Paducah from the St. Louis area, and there were even a few people from Arkansas.

The show got off to a great start when one of the first contestants played Punch-A-Bunch, where you punch out paper holes on a board, hoping there’s big money behind the hole. The first hole yielded $1,000, and the woman was finished playing. She didn’t hesitate when she said she would not take a chance by trading in the money on the slim chance she might win $5,000.

An elderly gentleman, who said he does not play golf, played Hole-in-One which is basically mini-golf. He looked like like he wasn’t very good at it, at the beginning, when he incorrectly guessed all the prices on the products and had to putt from the farthest point. But he calmly stepped up with the putter in hand and sank a hole in one. If my memory serves me correctly, he won a really nice freezer.  Other items won included Gucci bags and a scooter.

The Showcase included a car and a trip to Hollywood, but the final event of the night yielded no winners of the grand prizes.

Even though there was no television and this was an imitation of the real “The Price Is Right” game show, we all left with warm, fuzzy feelings — until the ice storm outside shocked us all back to reality.

For just a little while, we all forgot about our troubles and concentrated on guessing prices of objects in a game show, hoping our names would be called, and cheering on those whose names were actually called.

For the record, I did not get to play, I did not win thousands of dollars, and I certainly did not win a new car. But I cheered on the contestant who won a new computer, I was broken-hearted when the second-grade teacher in the psychedelic pants and red boots lost out on a trip to Las Vegas, and I cheered the loudest when the yodeling mountain climber stopped just short of falling off the cliff in The Cliff Hangers game, which meant another win for a lucky contestant.

Some might say I was not lucky, but I beg to differ. While no one from my group was called up on stage, and I didn’t take home any prizes, I did take home a lot of fantastic memories.

And that’s something that won’t break down, need an oil change or be thrown out with the trash.

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‘The Price is Right Live’ coming to Sands Bethlehem Event Center

Posted on January 12, 2015

Live stage production of a popular TV game show that sold out the last time it played Sands Bethlehem Event Center is returning, it was just announced.

“The Price Is Right Live” interactive stage show, which sold out the event center within hours in 2012, will return at 8 p.m. April 18, it was announced.

“The Price is Right” is television’s longest running and most popular game show. The stage show has been on the road for six years, sold more than 1.2 million tickets  and given away $10 million dollars in cash and prizes.

The live stage show also performed at the event center in December 2013.

Prizes may include appliances, vacations and possibly a new car, the event center says in a release. Players will compete in classic games from the show, such as Plinko, Cliffhanger,  to The Big Wheel and  the “Fabulous Showcase.”

The stage show will not be filmed or part of the television show. It will choose people from the audience as contestants.

Registration to be considered as a contestant will start three hours before showtime and close at showtime. People who want a chance to be chosen will fill out registration cards given by staff as they present their ticket upon entering the  venue. Each person can only fill out one card.

For non-ticket holders who want to register (there’s no purchase necessary), cards will be made available and collected at the box office, also one per person.

A waiting area will be provided for those who register but do not have a ticket. All eligible contestants must be present at the time their name is called or they will be disqualified and another randomly selected name will be called.  Any non-ticket-holder chosen will be seated inside the venue.