Ticketed and non-ticketed guests are allowed to register for a chance to be selected as contestants. Patrons may be required to show valid government issued photo identification at registration. Must be over 18 years old. Venue staff and their immediate family members are not eligible to play.


How will the registration process work?
Ticketed and non-ticketed guests are allowed to register for a chance to be a randomly selected contestant. Guests must check in at the venue registration area to confirm registration is complete. No ticket purchase is required to register to be a contestant and will not be considered a factor in determining eligibility. Registration will close precisely at showtime. All guests who have arrived prior to showtime will be allowed to register.
Registration begins at the venue 3 hours prior to show time. Guests may be required to show valid government issued photo identification at registration and must be the legal age of majority to register. Venue staff and vendors and members of their immediate family are not eligible to register to be a contestant.
Pre-Registration: Guests can save time day of show by pre-registering their information into the system. A link or QR code will be provided on the venue website or at the venue. Pre- register by providing your legal name, day and month of birth, and your email address. Once pre-registration is complete guests will then need to check in at the venue to confirm their attendance. PRE-REGISTRATION ALONE IS NOT THE FINAL ENTRY INTO THE POTENTIAL CONTESTANT POOL.
Will people be able to register more than one person at a time?

All guests must register themselves per gaming regulations and show an I.D. if requested.

What is the procedure for someone who shows up to register but does not have a ticket?

Anyone who shows up and wants to register to be allowed to do so and have an equal opportunity to be called down to be a contestant. If an individual registers to play and DOES NOT have a ticket, they will be directed to a pre-determined location at showtime. If an individual who has not purchased a ticket is selected as a potential contestant, that person will be escorted to an open seat in the venue. All names are selected at random.

Do people need to be there 3 hours before the show to register?

Early registration allows guests to avoid longer lines as showtime approaches. Registration will stay open until the posted show time. It is not necessary for people to stay at the theater once they register. The only requirement is to be present at showtime.

When does the drawing take place?

A random drawing to determine show contestants takes place just before the start of the show. The randomly-selected names are called out throughout the show. Eligible contestants must be present at the time their name is called or another randomly selected name will be called. Eligible contestants who registered but did not purchase a ticket will be informed if their name was selected within 20 minutes of the start of the show. A producer will inform them in the designated waiting area.

How do people collect their prizes if they win?

Contestants who have won a prize will be asked to return to the front of the stage area immediately after the show where all the necessary paperwork will be filled out. The amount of time the paperwork takes to fill out depends upon the number of winners in the show. Typical time for this process is 30 minutes.

How are contestants selected for each show?

All contestants are selected entirely at random from the pool of registered guests.

How old do you have to be to register?

The age of majority in your town or province determines the age requirement to participate in the drawing. Casino shows may require patrons to be 21. Typically, you must be at least 18 years of age to register. Please check your local jurisdiction or state for the age of majority in your town.

Can you still go to the show if you are under age?

Of course, everyone loves The Price is Right! While underage guests are not allowed to register, the show is open to guests of all ages.

Who will be the host?

While there are many different hosts for The Price is Right Live! tour, all are recognizable media personalities. And every one of them will be giving away cash and prizes to lucky contestants.

Is there a prize list available?

Prizes are often a part of the game play and vary from show to show so no prize list is available. However, the types of prizes are like what you see on television. Appliances, cash, trips and, of course, a new car!

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